The future begins here, and now.

Whats up Zed Heds,

Mark, the producer of low frequencies, here. First I wanna say thanks for coming out last thursday to your premier show. It was a great first show and we had a blast tryin’ out our tunes for you. From your response I’d say you enjoyed it too. We’re going to spend the next couple of months refining the set, writing new songs, and playing a show here and there where we can, then we’ll be selecting a studio to record our album.

The desire is to find a place where we can get a gigantic sound that is both vintage yet modern. We think this record is going to rock your pants off so stay tuned and keep coming to shows, the facebook page and myspace for samples and vids!

if you have video of our shows feel free to share them too!

Till next time, keep bringing the ROCK!


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