The demo, the insanity, the gluttony….

Yo – So this Sunday, we will be heading up to Trident Studios in Concord to wrap up this demo recording (FINALLY). On this trip will be me, Pete, and Greg. Mark will be at home knitting sweaters for kittens. I’m sure lots of overanalysis will happen. Beer and health food binges catered by every local fast food chain will be present. Aside from all the imminent acid reflux because we are old, we hope to have a great demo recording of our current track offering for you all by next week. I will make sure get these tunes get posted once the mastering session is done. Then you can download and rock our noise the only way you know how. Don’t forget to join us on Facebook at Also, follow us on Twitter (@zedisded).

Peace and nuggets of dementia,

Rich Harris // drummer // bbq’er

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