Album title and artwork finalized!

The Invitation

Final art and album title

Hey Friends, in between bottles of gin and pudding pops we have managed to finalize the artwork for the album and have selected a name for it as well. First off, the art work comes courtesy of yours truly (Mark the bass player), who had a general direction in mind for the cover. We had discussed making it look a little sexy yet dangerous. With that in mind I took to finding the right image and building the rest around that. I settled on this image because it’s suggestive yet mysterious. The guys all liked it too (of course!) so we went with it. Now as for the name, we asked our friends and fans alike to contribute to naming the album, and one of the suggestions stuck out at us. “The Invitation”. What’s it mean and how does it relate to the music? Well that’s for you to figure out when it hits the street. I’ll just say pay attention to every detail. So when is the album going to be available? The plan is to have it available at shows and digitally (iTunes, Amazon MP3) within the next month or so, so you wont have to wait long. Keep coming back to the site for updates and show info, in addition to album availability. As always you rock, thanks for all the support!!

Mark – Zed

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