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The Show

What a great time…Last Saturday night we had the opportunity to be a part of the Your Music Olympicks put on by Your Music Magazine. We opened the show and then following us were Dimidium, Until We Sleep, and Tolteca Extra. Everyone rocked and had a great time. It was nice to see a bunch of peeps from the Santa Cruz based magazine that I hadn’t seen in awhile. The sound guys did an amazing job as well, and for that, we are appreciative.

Techniculty Difficulty

We were able to power pretty hard through the first four songs. About 1 minute or so into “The River“, all of a sudden my bass pedal beater went right through the  drumhead. Bass drum officially out of commission….then Pete broke a string…We managed to kill the song, regroup, get back started again, and wrapped up the set, but what a blue ball belly up moment for that to happen….I guess that’s rock and roll. The crowd didn’t give a shit, they just wanted more rock so we did what we could to deliver the goods.

Thank You!

After we were done and packed up our stuff, we hung out for a little bit and rapped out with some old friends, had some drinks, and called it an evening. We’d like to thank Your Music Magazine for the opportunity to play. We’d also like to thank everyone that showed up to support, and those who were gracious enough to buy some CD’s from us. We are humbled and stoked!

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Peace & Jameson,

Dick On Drums


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