Summer’s here, where’s the beer?

Hey friends, summer is here and we are ready to rock your planet! Here’s a little teaser of what our summer looks like. Grab this video and share it with yer friends on facebook or myspace or whatever…and send it to yer grannys. Hell, it just might be your granny at the end of the video!

We are going to be pressing shirts soon too so keep your eyes open. We’ll have them here and at the shows. Things are heating up around here and our music is being distributed to a boatload of music e-stores as we speak so you should be able to find it soon on your favorite store.

Hope to see you at the Adema/Insolence show at the Avalon in Santa Clara July 22nd. That will rock hard.
Till then, have a great 4th!
stay tuned!
Mark on bass

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