Our First Show At The Avalon, Santa Clara, CA

Wow. What a great time it was. We arrived around 5pm-ish to load in and get set up. After we humped all our stuff into the venue, we had the chance to meet up with some old friends from the bay area metal/hard rock scene that we hadn’t seen in almost 10 years. Nostalgia always feels good, especially over a shot of whiskey with your music scene cohorts. Mark also had managed to pick up Zed’s first round of t-shirts. They turned out sick and we sold quite a few to some new and old fans alike. We very much appreciate the support!

After Adema was done soundchecking, we hauled our shit up on stage and in just under 15 mins were able to get the whole band set up and soundchecked before the doors opened to the public around 7:30. After a round of beers (and water because we’re old in rock band years), we hit the stage. The sound on stage from my perspective on drums was great, I could hear everything and felt pretty damn spoiled.

The ‘oddball fan of the night’ award went to a couple in the very front. The boyfriend ever so gently held his girlfriend in his arms while she buried her face into his chest as she covered her ears like she was being subjected to interrogation at Abu Ghraib. Maybe somehow they thought they had arrived to see the Enya accoustic set or that we were all there to collectively cuddle and hug and cry. The venue was big, so why they never chose to go outside or sit somewhere else was beyond my little drummer brain. No matter. We made sure to provide plenty of excessive decibels for their ear drums to snuggle with. But the beauty of irony overcame and the best part about them is that they were surrounded by about 50 people who were there to actually rock with us…….and rock with us the rest of the crowd did, bobbing their heads with one fist in the air, and a tasty beverage in the other hand….as they should.

Your Music Magazine

Later that eve we ended up out in the parking lot for a quickie interview from the guys over  at Your Music Magazine who have been nothing but supportive of us. For that we are appreciative. (The photo cred for the black and white live shot on this post goes to “gritphim” from the magazine). Stay tuned for the video of the interview from them. We’ll make sure to post it here and on our Facebook page.


Thanks to everyone that bought tickets and came out. These shows don’t exist without you! A HUGE thanks to Mike Beard and Man Down Productions for the opportunity to share the stage with so many other great bands – Nova, Solid State Logic, Left of Christ, and Adema. We had a blast.

I would also like to give some extra special props to the sound guy for doing such an amazing job and being so accomodating on all fronts. Super cool dude….until next time.


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