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Hey friends, so it looks like the word about the album is spreading around the web a bit faster now and it seems to be picking up some momentum from all the news about the free downloads and in reviews. We’ll post some highlights down below, but first we want to say thanks to all our new friends on Facebook. We just hit 1500 fans this week and are excited and planning something pretty cool for when we hit 2000 fans. Stay tuned!

Also, have you checked the Zed store lately? We now have a Zed Super Merch Pack which is what you probably need more than food and vodka. It’s a package of:

  • a T-Shirt
  • a limited edition CD of “The Invitation”
  • 2 vinyl stickers
  • 2 lapel pins
  • digital download of album and video

All this for only $19.99.
Check it out at the store and help us feed our baby hamsters.

We are playing this Saturday at Johnny V’s in San Jose, but are stoked to play with The Dreaming on the 14th at the Avalon in Santa Clara. That’s the singer from Stabbing Westwards new band.
Should be cool!!

Ok now for the review review highlights!:

“…they also have written probably one of the best underground stoner albums this year. The four-piece’s main strength are their riffs, they will fill your belly with the biggest meatiest slab of riffage anyone could find and then they soak it in the frontman’s husky and smokey vocals that makes for the most carnivorous riff feast that can make any stoner lovers drool in anticipation.

This band is all riff, a two guitar groove assault that is so damn listenable!
Many thanks to Gaia at The Number of the Blog for that one!

“What we have here is a group of guys that have a true sense of themselves and know exactly who they are, and where they come from. It’s tight and focused and they play “in the pocket” keeping the groove strong. Borrowing bits from just about every decade of music for the last 40 years, and tossing it up in a riffalicious salad. And let me tell ya folks “These bacon bits are da bomb.”

Pete Sattari’s vocals are top notch and remind me a bit of a pissed off Ian Astbury at times.”
Many thanks to Adam Walsh and Matt Frighetto over at Planet Fuzz!

Ok folks, till next time keep spreadin’ the word on Zed and stay tuned for something pretty cool in the next few weeks!
Mark on bass

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