Summer recap and plans for Fall.

Whats up Zed Heds? How’s fall treating you so far? We’re still scorching hot here in the great San Francisco Bay, but that’s ok with us. Just another excuse to drink more beer. Anyways summer officially ended with a blast Saturday night as we played our last show of the summer. We rocked the joint with some killer bands (Rezn, Klank and Letters Make Words) and we closed the bar out. Again. We had a great summer of shows and hope you had a good chance to check one out. If not, don’t worry, we’ll be playing again a little later this fall.

Greg Lopez on geetar!So a quick recap of the summer: We rocked the Venuez in Santa Clara in June for the YMM Olympicks, we then filmed a video for our song Lunatics and Liars, then we rocked the Avalon in Santa Clara with Adema, Nova and Solid State Logic, then we hit iTunes and Amazon with our album “The Invitation”, then we got some great reviews on our album, then we got a killer mention in a Japanese podcast, then we rocked Johnny V’s in San Jose, then we rocked San Francisco with Ringchildren, LuVuDu and Mr Mime, then we rocked the Avalon again with The Dreaming, then Mark got a sweet new bass, then Rich ordered a sweet new drumset, then we rocked Cupertino last saturday night.

So what’s next? Well, first things first we are about to hit 2000 fans on Facebook and when we do we have something cool planned and we’ll need your help to make it happen. Stay tuned in the next few weeks!! Also we are going to continue to write new tunes for the next recording and will be trying them out on you at shows this November and onward. So make sure to catch us live if you can!!

We’d like to thanks all of our new friends we’ve made over the past few months from the fans to the music zines to the DJ’s. We wouldn’t be able to enjoy this as much without sharing it with you guys! Ok enough with the sentimental BS! Till next time, have a nice cold one!


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