Sneak Peek at some new songs!

Hey guys,
we have been busy writing the songs for our next album and have begun to debut some of them live, and let me tell ya the response has been pretty good. So we wanted to give you guys who aren’t in California, a taste of the new stuff. We’ll be posting 3 new songs over the next few days form last weekend’s show at Club 9Lives in Gilroy Ca. These songs were filmed by a friend of the band named Mitch. He also did a really cool interview with us that you can check out on our Facebook page.

The first song we are going to post is called “Please” and it has a big fat gnarly groove. It will make your head bob and might cause concussions. We hope you dig the new stuff! Enjoy!

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  1. Kasia

    I saw you guys play this song at the Catalyst last Saturday night. What a jam. Now, I got your CD and I can’t put it down. I have read the lyrics and it seems like this new stuff is moving AWAY from the Biblical themes/language of your last album. Pure testosterone! Thanks for being really nice and for your deep, dark music. Do you only play CA? What are the venues you usually play. Will def see you in San Jose next time you are out there (or the Catalyst).


  2. Hi Kasia, it was nice meeting you and thanks for checking us out and buying the CD. I can’t speak for Pete but I never really thought that we had biblical themes lyrically, but it is definitely open to interpretation! We currently only play CA but hope to expand soon. Make sure you come to our free show at Streetlight records in san Jose this Aug! Take care – mark on bass

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