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Album title and artwork finalized!

Hey Friends, in between bottles of gin and pudding pops we have managed to finalize the artwork for the album and have selected a name for it as well. First off, the art work comes courtesy of yours truly (Mark the bass player), who had a general direction in mind

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Here it is…..

The demo, the insanity, the gluttony….

Yo – So this Sunday, we will be heading up to Trident Studios in Concord to wrap up this demo recording (FINALLY). On this trip will be me, Pete, and Greg. Mark will be at home knitting sweaters for kittens. I’m sure lots of overanalysis will happen. Beer and health

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Getting Our Shyte Together…..

Hey all you ZED fans out there. It has been too long since we’ve posted on here. That’s about to change. With our new demo almost done and engineered by Master Juan Kinobi at Trident Studios, we will be focusing on shows shows shows. This mean more content and posts

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The Britannia Arms Show: 08.15.2009

Thanks to all who came to the show! We had a great time and of course we hope you did too. I apologize for Mark’s Bananarama-era hat but through my Jameson goggles was able to overlook it. The tattoos seemed to be a hit and just about everyone in at

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The future begins here, and now.

Whats up Zed Heds, Mark, the producer of low frequencies, here. First I wanna say thanks for coming out last thursday to your premier show. It was a great first show and we had a blast tryin’ out our tunes for you. From your response I’d say you enjoyed it

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Welcome to!

This is the first post on our site here. Look for many more posts from us about music, life, shows, friends, and more. Make sure to check us out on all your favorite social sites: MySpace: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Add us as friends and get all

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