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L.A. is about to feel a tremor.

And it aint going to come from under ground, but from the Whisky A Go Go in W. Hollywood. That’s right, we are hitting the South on Friday July 22nd at 9PM. You can still get a few discounted tickets from us, just click the banner at top. Remember if

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Sneak Peek at some new songs!

Hey guys, we have been busy writing the songs for our next album and have begun to debut some of them live, and let me tell ya the response has been pretty good. So we wanted to give you guys who aren’t in California, a taste of the new stuff.

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So, what do you have planned this summer?

Hi everyone, we are busy writing the next album and will probably be popping into the studio a few times this summer to record. The new stuff slays and we think you’ll be digging it alot. We will try to post some sneak peaks in the next few months. In

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New Zed Merch Store and a New 2 Minute Interview

Hey guys, It’s been a little while since we last updated you all with the latest and greatest from the Zed camp, but that’s not due to us being slackers. We’ve been actually pretty busy! We just came off a super show last week with George Lynch and Lynch Mob

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Summer recap and plans for Fall.

Whats up Zed Heds? How’s fall treating you so far? We’re still scorching hot here in the great San Francisco Bay, but that’s ok with us. Just another excuse to drink more beer. Anyways summer officially ended with a blast Saturday night as we played our last show of the

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Upcoming show flyers

Posted in Live Shows by Mark Aceves

Hey everyone, we just wanted to let you know all of our immediate shows coming up soon by posting the art we make for the flyers. Hope you dig them! Click the icons to enlarge.

Our First Show At The Avalon, Santa Clara, CA

Posted in Live Shows by Rich Harris

Wow. What a great time it was. We arrived around 5pm-ish to load in and get set up. After we humped all our stuff into the venue, we had the chance to meet up with some old friends from the bay area metal/hard rock scene that we hadn’t seen in

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Summer’s here, where’s the beer?

Hey friends, summer is here and we are ready to rock your planet! Here’s a little teaser of what our summer looks like. Grab this video and share it with yer friends on facebook or myspace or whatever…and send it to yer grannys. Hell, it just might be your granny

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Venuez Show, Drumheads, Your Music Magazine

The Show What a great time…Last Saturday night we had the opportunity to be a part of the Your Music Olympicks put on by Your Music Magazine. We opened the show and then following us were Dimidium, Until We Sleep, and Tolteca Extra. Everyone rocked and had a great time.

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Summer Jams

Whats up people? Just wanted to give an update on the latest and greatest in the world of Zed. First off your CD is available at all shows and online, just hit the “Get Music” tab up top. You can stream it for free or download it. We are expecting

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